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March 30, 20233 min read

Vivvix Views: Breaking the Mold as a Woman in Leadership

Women’s History Month presents an opportunity to reflect upon and celebrate the achievements of women, individually and collectively. 

Conversely, it’s a call to action—an ignition to elevate the dialogue around the obstacles we’ve yet to pass. And on both a personal and professional level, to do so is a mighty responsibility that we all bear. 

At Vivvix, it’s in our nature to walk the walk at an even greater scale than we talk the talk. That said, we have a staunch commitment to fostering gender equity and diversity that runs from top to bottom of our organization. In fact, more than 50% of the folks at Vivvix identify as women. 

To round out March, we’d like to amplify the voices of a few of those exemplary women who are consistently encouraging others to raise their own. 

We sat down with Vivvix Global People Leader, Rose Flynn Frawley, and Senior Director of Product, Reshma Krishna, to hear their perspectives on affecting positive change as women in the tech sector.

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Rose Flynn Frawley
Global People Leader

Reshma Krishna
Senior Director of Product


As a woman in a high leadership position, how do you ensure your voice and opinions are heard? 


“There have been several times where I have been the only woman in the room, which can bring upon imposter syndrome. When in a situation like this, remind yourself of why you’re there. You have a seat at the table for a reason. Maybe it is your experience, expertise, or the valuable perspective you bring to the conversation. I try to listen and ask questions but speak with confidence and authority. Always speak up for yourself—no one is going to do that for you.”  


What are some industry trends and/or recent shifts that are scratching the surface, but haven't necessarily been addressed yet? 


“When it comes to women in the workplace, I do think that we are moving in the right direction. But are there still barriers? Yes. We still face a lot of challenges, especially with microaggressions. Some are explicit, but most are implicitly done. It's there and you feel it. No one will tell you explicitly, but as women, we need to learn how to handle it with grace. Maybe one day, for the next generation, we’ll be able to change the world. 

I hope that in 10-15 years, there won’t be a need for women’s empowerment. Women should feel empowered every day. Society should strive towards a more gender-neutral approach.” 


What women-centric topics and/or issues should be front and center right now? 


“A huge challenge for some women, including myself, is achieving work-life balance. When balancing a career with raising a family—on top of the thousands of tasks that a mother is responsible for—it can feel like you’re failing at both. It’s imperative for women to find an employer that values work-life balance, and for us as employers to appreciate the importance of flexibility. No working parent is ever going to get it 100% right, so we need to prioritize ourselves in order to be our best at both work and home.” 


What advice would you give to young professional women finding their way? 


“Men dominate the [tech] industry, and there are definitely business decisions that are made because of that. As a woman, it is important to always be vocal about what you think in forums. Raise your opinion. Introspection is also needed and is a great quality to have in this industry.” 


“As a woman in the workplace, it’s important to have a network that you’re able to share thoughts and feedback with in a safe space. Whether this is at your current job, with former colleagues, or even online, it is immensely important to have a network of women who can be advisors or mentors. When moving up in your career, you should be able to lean back on that network of female support to help sponsor your growth through honest and open communication.” 
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