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September 2023: Digital Deep Dive
December 7, 2023< 1 min read

September 2023: Digital Deep Dive

Each month, Vivvix will explore the top digital media types, YouTube properties, and industries to bring you the top ad spend stats to know.

Our September digital data includes $12.3B in total spend across digital media types, and $1.5B on YouTube properties across Mobile Web Video, Mobile App, Online Video, and Internet Display. 

Digital media ad spend was down in September 2023 from $13.57B in September 2022—a decrease of 10.4%, while investment across YouTube properties grew from $1.3B in 2022—a 13% increase. 

For September we explored the financial and insurance vertical with a total dedication of $1.2B across digital media types. The industry made an additional investment of $74.5M in Mobile Web Video month-over-month from August.


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The digital space is as dynamic as ever, and we’re observing major shifts in the YouTube landscape month-over-month. If you’ve been waiting for a time to spend and contend, now may be your moment. 

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