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February 22, 20231 min read

Super Bowl LVII Recap

2023 was a historic year for the Super Bowl:

  • Third most-watched game in history with over 113M viewers
  • Most-streamed Super Bowl ever
  • Most-streamed event in FOX Sports History
  • Over 118.7M viewers tuned into Rihanna’s long-awaited return
Source: FOX


Key changes to the lineup

After 10 years, Apple Music replaced Pepsi as the Halftime Sponsor. Anheuser-Busch InBev ended its 33-year category exclusivity agreement. Automotive advertisers were also noticeably missed, including Toyota who opted out for the first time since 2017.  Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, Crypto was absent from the roster; however, Coinbase’s QR code tactic made an appearance in several ads.


The Payoff For the Price Tag

The Super Bowl has reached more than 100M viewers annually, dating back to 2009. This audience is broad, diverse and hyper-engaged. According to Kantar data: 

  • 72% of those who intend to watch the game are equally or more interested in the commercials
  • 38% of non-sports fans intend to watch the Super Bowl


In-game ad spend continues to rise

Source: Vivvix  All spend estimates are based on preliminary data for in-game activity at the time of publication.


Why are brands willing to pay $7 million for 30 seconds?

Download our Super Bowl LVII Recap to explore the data behind the hype.